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Innovative perovskite solutions
for next-gen PV panels


About us

Pioneers in perovskite
photovoltaic technologies

Enlightening the future of solar energy

Research and development

Advanced technologies
for a sustainable future

Objective: Energy Transition

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Working together to anticipate the future

FuturaSun Group

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Towards the next generation
of photovoltaic panels

Light the future

State-of-the-art scientific research

Enlightening the future
of solar energy

Solertix is FuturaSun Group’s European research hub for developing perovskite photovoltaic cells. Created under the Organic Solar Centre (CHOSE), Solartix is a spinoff of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Today, it combines scientific research with the group’s industrial expertise.
Our objective is to exploit perovskite’s exceptional properties to develop and optimise tomorrow’s photovoltaic technology.

About us

The material that is revolutionising the solar industry

Why perovskite?

High photoelectric efficiency, high light absorption, reduced production costs, and high versatility. Thanks to its extraordinary properties, perovskite represents the future of solar power.