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Our mission

The next-gen of perovskite solar modules

We want to be a catalyst for change in the energy industry. We believe in a future powered with alternative energy, where the potential of our perovskite photovoltaic cells can help in the energy transition and benefit our planet.

Our research has one main objective, i.e., making solar energy more affordable and improving its performance and accessibility to accelerate the global transition towards a future powered by clean energy.

Our mission

The next-gen of perovskite solar modules

We commit to overcoming traditional solar cell limits to make perovskite photovoltaic technology more efficient, reliable, and accessible. Given the urgency of these times, the aim is to make this technology available on a large scale.

From development to optimisation
and global-scale industrialisation

Our research

Perovskite photovoltaic technology

Thanks to its extraordinary properties, perovskite represents the future of solar power.

Silicon and perovskite tandem cells

We want to go beyond photovoltaic cells’ limits to offer a more affordable, reliable, and performant solution.

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