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A step forward towards energy transition

The next-gen of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells

Silicon and perovskite tandem cells are revolutionising the solar energy sector and are the core of our research. We want to overcome silicon’s efficiency limits by achieving greater absorption and consequently generating more power, all within the same overall dimensions. We are dedicated to continuously devising innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement of the photovoltaic industry.

Maximum performance, efficiency and reliability

Our technology

By exploiting perovskite’s absorption properties and silicon’s stability, we developed a new generation of cells that capture a wide range of wavelengths of sunlight, maximising power generation. The result is a photovoltaic system that boasts enhanced efficiency and flexibility, all while optimising production costs for greater performance.

FuturaSun & Solertix’s commitment

From development to global-scale industrialisation

We aim to popularise hybrid solar cell technology through competitive production, enabling swift and large-scale industrialisation. The goal is to make silicon and perovskite tandem cells a highly efficient, practical, and accessible solution to produce energy in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.