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Powering the world with sustainable energy

Sustainability and energy transition

Rising awareness regarding the environmental repercussions of fossil fuels has spotlighted the significance of sustainability and the imperative to shift towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the leading solutions to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change.

We at Solertix believe that research and innovation can improve people’s lives and protect the environment. Our commitment is to make clean energy more accessible by expediting the adoption of solar solutions to address the climate crisis effectively.

Our commitment

Gazing ahead with tangible solutions for the future

Everything we do revolves around sustainability. Today, silicon, the most popular photovoltaic technology, is reaching its efficiency and economic limits. That’s why we work hard to develop an innovative photovoltaic technology based on perovskite that can revolutionise the future of solar energy. We aim to increase energy production per unit area, enhance the accessibility of clean energy, and accelerate the adoption of solar solutions to combat the climate crisis effectively.